Merci à tous nos client(e)s, employé(e)s et partenaires pour la saison 2023 de Citrouilleville! Au plaisir de vous recevoir à l'automne 2024 avec de nouvelles surprises!

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  • citrouilleville visite maisons de citrouilles

    U-pick pumpkins

    Choose YOUR pumpkin in the most beautiful pumpkin village. Trolleys at your disposal

  • kiosque de vente de citrouilles, courges, maïs décoratif, paille et autre

    Sales kiosk

    Get your Pumpkins, squash, decorative corn and straw all on site! Fresh and tasty for cooking OR perfect for decoration!

  • Labyrinthe de maïs à St-Zotique

    corn maze

    Young and old, challenge yourself and come and have fun walking among the rows of corn. The classic fall activity MUST DO!

  • Venez capturer les plus belles photos à Citrouilleville


    Come create and capture wonderful memories with family or friends: Antique truck, Westfalia, Beetle, Tractor, telephone box AND MORE!

Nouveautés 2023

Plusieurs nouvelles activités disponibles cette année! Venez vous amuser!

citrouilleville st zotique

Pumpkin Town pumpkins are the prettiest!

If you live in Canada and you are ready to spend Halloween with your family, but you don't know where to go, you can visit us in Citrouilleville! We are open a month and a half before Halloween, so you can get more out of the experience! Don't miss your chance to get the best pumpkins you can find in Saint-Zotique, Quebec.

Why visit Citrouilleville?

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, because we are lucky enough to celebrate a very popular holiday: Halloween. The Halloween phenomenon has crossed borders around the world, becoming one of the most anticipated days of the year, especially among children. These are naturally attracted to this ceremony, because they are ready to get tons of candy while wearing their favorite costumes. It's a night of pure fun and joy for the little family members, and you can enjoy it alongside them too! Thanks to Pumpkintown, you can visit our field and select the pumpkin you want to use for this holiday. We have a great selection to offer you. The pumpkins are all fresh and have the best quality you can find here in Quebec!

Apportez votre dîner!

Nous avons plusieurs tables sous notre grande tente pour vous permettre de dîner ce que vous avez apporté de la maison ou bien une délicieuse collation de notre food truck!

Labyrinthe de mais, Labyrinthe, corn maze, activité en famille

Corn Maze

Here at Citrouilleville, we have a corn maze where kids can have fun all day! There you will find King Corn, the master of this labyrinth. He will guide you through the corn maze and make this experience one of the most fun you've ever seen! You can also find King Pumpkin and King Strawberry there, along with all the other monsters. You can play inside with the Wicked Witch, Werewolf, Skeleton and Ghost! These monsters will make you laugh and have a fun time! They will tell you the amazing story of Citrouilleville in a unique and interesting way. Come spend a day in our pumpkin patch to play alongside King Corn in our maze!